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Are You Loosing Track of What's Important? Are You Struggling to Spend Time with God Every Day?

Is Self-Care Not Even on Your List?

This Planner is a Simple Design, and is a 2-Sided 8.5x11 Planner that can be Printed as Often as You'd Like! You'll Have a Place to Journal Prayers, Scriptures, Highlights of the Week, Record What You Need to Accomplish Daily, Offers a Self-Care Checklist, This Week's Top 3, My Wins and More!

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And You Will Too! Just Print on Regular 8.5x11 Paper, 3-Hole Punch, and Put in a 3-Ring Binder. Review & Record on it Every Day!

You'll Find Yourself Spending Less Time Feeling Overwhelmed and More Time Fulfilling Your Purpose!

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